The Pacific Northwest is home to a thriving ecosystem of nonprofits, serving countless causes right in our backyard. We couldn’t be prouder to be neighbors with such worthwhile organizations, which is why serving this sector with our CPA and financial consulting firm is the cornerstone of our business. Nonprofits face a unique series of challenges in compliance, reporting, and regulation, and they still need to keep the lights on—we’re here to help with all of it.

Common Services We Offer Nonprofits

Client Accounting Services

Keep your books solid throughout the year with expert accounting help. We can work directly in your Quickbooks or Xero account, too.

Consulting & Management Advising

Determine your short-term direction and long term strategy with help from our expert financial consultants. We assist with everything from forming entities to planning exit strategies.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Create a win-win situation, where you give employees the benefits they deserve, and get the maximum tax benefit for doing the right thing.

Financial Reporting & Assurance Services

Report your financials with confidence. These reports are invaluable resources for business owners, lenders, funders, contributors, and other interested parties.

Internal Control Assessment

Stay accountable and prevent fraud with an outside expert’s help. We’ll help ensure the integrity of your financial and accounting information.

Low-Income Housing & New Market Tax Credit Consulting

Keep your nonprofit focused on low-income housing projects in compliance, and providing the most good for the community you serve.

Single Audits

Keep your business or non-profit in compliance with the federal funds you receive. We’ll make sure you have adequate internal controls in place.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Set yourself up for success with our approach that uses a rigorous eye to help you get the greatest advantage from your income tax situation.

Why Us for Nonprofits

Commitment to Nonprofits

We specialize and understand the culture, values, and dynamics of the nonprofit sector. Our mission is helping you thrive with yours.

Beyond the Numbers

Numbers do tell a story. Part of our commitment is to tell that story. Your financial information offer an important perspective of your history, current trends, and future outlook.

Community Focused

We think differently at McDonald Jacobs, and we make our community a better place by providing superior professional services that directly impact peoples’ lives.

Nonprofits Experts

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Senior Assurance Manager

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