Wills and trusts are designed to provide security for you and your loved ones, to create a clear personal vision that cuts through family dynamics and wealth transfer. To accomplish this, your documents must be prepared and administered according to your specifications, while complying with the legal and tax rules.

We work with you and other members of your professional team to ensure your attorney prepares documents that accurately reflect your goals and vision for the future.

Such matters are complex, require attention to very specific details, and can be packed with a great deal of emotion. We have the experience to guide you through the process with competence and understanding. We will make sure everything is planned, managed, and distributed according to your wishes, while reducing taxes on your estate wherever possible.

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There’s a whole world of financial and tax problems out there, and most of them take more than a Turbotax account to solve. But you’re not alone. As the premiere CPA and financial consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest, we’re more than able to help individuals like yourself overcome and thrive in these challenges. Discover how we can help today.

Lawyers & Law Firms

You know your area of law like the back of your hand. It’s a tall order to know the tax code back and forth too, along with its frequent changes here in the Pacific Northwest. That’s where we come in. Our CPA and financial consulting firm can help your law firm with all manner of accounting needs and planning for financial goals, keeping you on the right side of Uncle Sam as you practice the law.

Trusts and Estates

Laws and regulations regarding trusts and estates can be complex and require attention to detail, which makes linking up with reliable local experts all the more important. Our CPA and financial consulting firm is versed in helping families protect their assets and pass them on while staying fully in compliance and carried out according to your wishes, while reducing taxes on your estate and ensuring ongoing prosperity.

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Why Us for Estate Planning

Bringing Our Best

We operate a small team where our top people, including the partners, are the ones handling your sensitive financial situations.

Partnering With The Best Team

We thrive in working in a team environment that’s why our team often includes attorney’s, trust officers, financial planners, and other professionals to serve our clients goals.


We understand the delicate grieving process our Estates & Trust clients may go through and stive to lessen the burden by handling tax matters.


The estate planning team at McDonald Jacobs is experienced, knowledgeable, and expert at leading clients through complicated estate planning matters in a comprehensible fashion. They are valuable members of any client’s estate planning team.

Donna M. Muehleck, Duffy Kekel LLP

Their knowledge is beyond repute, but it is the personal relationships I have formed, along with their outstanding customer service and professionalism, that sets McDonald Jacobs apart.

Doug Shumaker, Individual Tax Client, Coho.net

We need an auditor who understands nonprofits, is responsive, and can be understanding and flexible in a way that smaller nonprofits often are. That’s why we work with McDonald Jacobs.

The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center

Some firms feel there’s a risk about teaching their clients too much about certain forms. That’s not the case at McDonald Jacobs. They don’t worry about those types of things. They’re open-handed and open-hearted.

Terry Miller, TerryMiller.biz