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You know your area of law like the back of your hand. It’s a tall order to know the tax code back and forth too, along with its frequent changes here in the Pacific Northwest. That’s where we come in. Our CPA and financial consulting firm can help your law firm with all manner of accounting needs and planning for financial goals, keeping you on the right side of Uncle Sam as you practice the law.

Common Services We Offer Lawyers and Law Firms

Client Accounting Services

Keep your books solid throughout the year with expert accounting help. We can work directly in your Quickbooks or Xero account, too.

Consulting & Management Advising

Determine your short-term direction and long term strategy with help from our expert financial consultants. We assist with everything from forming entities to planning exit strategies.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Create a win-win situation, where you give employees the benefits they deserve, and get the maximum tax benefit for doing the right thing.

State & Local Taxes

Stay on top of your tax obligations, and those of your business, nonprofit, or other organizations. We’ll walk you through and help you avoid audits and overpaying.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Set yourself up for success with our approach that uses a rigorous eye to help you get the greatest advantage from your income tax situation.

Why Us for Creative Services Firms

Trusted Partnership

Since 1972 we’ve been here in Portland, working to better our community. Our philosophy says we only succeed when you succeed, and only you can define what that means. Throughout it all, we’ll be there for you.

Bringing Our Best

We operate a small team where our top people, including the partners, are the ones handling your sensitive financial situations.

National Resources

We’re part of an alliance of independent firms across the country, that expands our access to resources, experiences, and service specialties.

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