Financial reports are invaluable resources for boards of directors, business owners, lenders, funders, contributors, and other interested parties. Your financial statements offer an important perspective of your history, current trends, and future outlook. McDonald Jacobs draws on years of experience and specialized resources to produce meaningful useful financial statements.

For assurance engagements, we use a risk-based approach This approach allows us to focus on risk areas specifically identified with an organization.  In applying a risk-based approach, our procedures will be tailored by taking into consideration significant factors that indicate higher inherent risk of material misstatement.

We are a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Small Firm Division.  We undergo independent peer reviews of our accounting and auditing practices to comply with the AICPA’s stringent quality control standards. Our most recent review was passed without issue.

Whether you’re looking for compiled, reviewed, or audited financial statements, McDonald Jacobs can provide the level of service that will best meet your needs.

Industry Expertise


The Pacific Northwest is home to a thriving ecosystem of nonprofits, serving countless causes right in our backyard. We couldn’t be prouder to be neighbors with such worthwhile organizations, which is why serving this sector with our CPA and financial consulting firm is the cornerstone of our business. Nonprofits face a unique series of challenges in compliance, reporting, and regulation, and they still need to keep the lights on—we’re here to help with all of it.

Low Income Housing Projects

The Pacific Northwest is one of the highest growth regions in the country, with tons of developer activity, a growing unhoused population, and powerful regulations to go with it all. Whether you’re building a standalone low-income housing project, or trying to stay compliant with setting aside Section 8 unit requirements and zoning laws, we can help you out. Serve the communities who need it most while maintaining profit and staying within the red tape.

Creative Services

As one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere certified public accounting firms, we’re well-qualified to help your business or nonprofit with accounting throughout the year and to help you to continue operating with peace of mind. We get you timely and accurate financial information to help you manage your business and make the right decisions. We look forward to taking what can be a big headache off your plate and helping you succeed.

Service Leaders

Jeffrey Lester

Senior Assurance Manager

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Why Us for Financial Reporting & Assurance Services

Commitment to Nonprofits

We specialize and understand the culture, values, and dynamics of the nonprofit sector. Our mission is helping you thrive with yours.

National Resources

We’re part of an alliance of independent firms across the country, that expands our access to resources, experiences, and service specialties.

Beyond the Numbers

Numbers do tell a story. Part of our commitment is to tell that story. Your financial information offer an important perspective of your history, current trends, and future outlook.


The estate planning team at McDonald Jacobs is experienced, knowledgeable, and expert at leading clients through complicated estate planning matters in a comprehensible fashion. They are valuable members of any client’s estate planning team.

Donna M. Muehleck, Duffy Kekel LLP

Their knowledge is beyond repute, but it is the personal relationships I have formed, along with their outstanding customer service and professionalism, that sets McDonald Jacobs apart.

Doug Shumaker, Individual Tax Client,

We need an auditor who understands nonprofits, is responsive, and can be understanding and flexible in a way that smaller nonprofits often are. That’s why we work with McDonald Jacobs.

The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center

Some firms feel there’s a risk about teaching their clients too much about certain forms. That’s not the case at McDonald Jacobs. They don’t worry about those types of things. They’re open-handed and open-hearted.

Terry Miller,