When working with businesses and individuals, our philosophy is to understand your specific needs, objectives, and goals. We follow accepted accounting practices and prepare returns to meet all statutory requirements. At the same time, we take a thorough approach to create the greatest advantage for your income tax situation. This includes looking for ways to increase deductions, split income, and structure investments, all to help you take full advantage of tax exemptions and credits.

We are serious about staying current on guidelines, regulations, and laws. We pay special attention to the needs of entrepreneurs, closely held businesses, and expatriates. In the end, our goal is to help you and your business keep more of your income in your pocket.

Filing informational returns for exempt organizations is no small feat. With complex schedules and filing requirements we take the hassle out of ensuring you are in compliance with regulatory bodies.

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As one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere certified public accounting firms, we’re well-qualified to help your business or nonprofit with accounting throughout the year and to help you to continue operating with peace of mind. We get you timely and accurate financial information to help you manage your business and make the right decisions. We look forward to taking what can be a big headache off your plate and helping you succeed.


There’s a whole world of financial and tax problems out there, and most of them take more than a Turbotax account to solve. But you’re not alone. As the premiere CPA and financial consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest, we’re more than able to help individuals like yourself overcome and thrive in these challenges. Discover how we can help today.

Lawyers & Law Firms

You know your area of law like the back of your hand. It’s a tall order to know the tax code back and forth too, along with its frequent changes here in the Pacific Northwest. That’s where we come in. Our CPA and financial consulting firm can help your law firm with all manner of accounting needs and planning for financial goals, keeping you on the right side of Uncle Sam as you practice the law.

Low Income Housing Projects

The Pacific Northwest is one of the highest growth regions in the country, with tons of developer activity, a growing unhoused population, and powerful regulations to go with it all. Whether you’re building a standalone low-income housing project, or trying to stay compliant with setting aside Section 8 unit requirements and zoning laws, we can help you out. Serve the communities who need it most while maintaining profit and staying within the red tape.

Medical & Dental

Serving patients. Relentless marketing. Controlling costs. There’s plenty to do running a medical or dental practice before worrying about the books. That’s where we come in. As the premiere CPA and financial consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest, we know the challenges of hanging onto the income in high-revenue businesses like yours. Whatever financial complications you’re facing, we’re sure to be able to come up with a treatment plan.


The Pacific Northwest is home to a thriving ecosystem of nonprofits, serving countless causes right in our backyard. We couldn’t be prouder to be neighbors with such worthwhile organizations, which is why serving this sector with our CPA and financial consulting firm is the cornerstone of our business. Nonprofits face a unique series of challenges in compliance, reporting, and regulation, and they still need to keep the lights on—we’re here to help with all of it.

Professional Services

Professional services firms comprise a wide variety of knowledge-based businesses, from accountants like us to engineers, accountants, advertisers and on-and-on. Luckily, we have institutional experience with just about every kind, combined with local Pacific Northwest knowledge to help you out. Our CPA and financial consulting firm is ready to help you tackle all your tax and money issues, and help you plan for continued growth and success.

Real Estate

The Pacific Northwest has been on a perpetual real estate boom as of late, so we’ve made it our business to specialize in the tax, accounting, and financial consulting needs of every sector of the real estate market. From realtors to lenders, residential to commercial, and everything in between, we have the experts to help you carve out your piece of this industry and keep it.


After the Bay Area, the Pacific Northwest is America’s tech company center. And what’s unique about tech is the wide variety of financial models, both mature and innovative, they rely on. To keep on top of your accounting, minimize your taxes, and plan for the next stage of funding, you need local experts in the industry. Our CPA and financial consulting firm has those experts in spades. Ready to launch?

Trusts and Estates

Laws and regulations regarding trusts and estates can be complex and require attention to detail, which makes linking up with reliable local experts all the more important. Our CPA and financial consulting firm is versed in helping families protect their assets and pass them on while staying fully in compliance and carried out according to your wishes, while reducing taxes on your estate and ensuring ongoing prosperity.

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We’re part of an alliance of independent firms across the country, that expands our access to resources, experiences, and service specialties.

Partnering With The Best Team

We thrive in working in a team environment that’s why our team often includes attorney’s, trust officers, financial planners, and other professionals to serve our clients goals.

Focused On Goals

Our philosophy is simple: we get to know you and your personal financial goals as well the objectives of your business. We’re prepared to work with you on your current goals and your future vision.


The estate planning team at McDonald Jacobs is experienced, knowledgeable, and expert at leading clients through complicated estate planning matters in a comprehensible fashion. They are valuable members of any client’s estate planning team.

Donna M. Muehleck, Duffy Kekel LLP

Their knowledge is beyond repute, but it is the personal relationships I have formed, along with their outstanding customer service and professionalism, that sets McDonald Jacobs apart.

Doug Shumaker, Individual Tax Client, Coho.net

We need an auditor who understands nonprofits, is responsive, and can be understanding and flexible in a way that smaller nonprofits often are. That’s why we work with McDonald Jacobs.

The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center

Some firms feel there’s a risk about teaching their clients too much about certain forms. That’s not the case at McDonald Jacobs. They don’t worry about those types of things. They’re open-handed and open-hearted.

Terry Miller, TerryMiller.biz