As you may know, many people are opting to use a mileage app on their smart phone in lieu of the paper mileage logs. We feel that most of our clients have already taken this route. Therefore, we will be phasing out providing these mileage logs within the next couple years. We have some suggestions for apps you may like to try.

For iOS Users

Mile Tracker – Mileage Tracker & Mileage Log for Tax Deduction

MileIQ uses smart drive-detection technology to automatically log your drives and calculate their value. You get the reimbursement or deduction you deserve with a minimum amount of effort.

Mileage Log by Contrast

Hands down one of the most feature packed and easy to use mileage trackers around. Not only can Mileage Log+ track business miles, but charity and medical miles as well. All miles logged will automatically go by standard current IRS rates, unless you change them. Save trips you take frequently for one tap access later, enter a beginning and end point and let Mileage Log+ do the heavy lifting by automatically calculating distance, and much more. When you need to get reimbursed, simply export your reports and send them on their way right within the app.


While Milog has a plain interface, it has an intuitive and clean design. Unique to this app is the ability to turn off features that you aren’t interested in. With toggle switches, you may elect to hide fields such as tolls or parking that you may not need. In this way, the app is flexible to fit your needs. The export feature only drafts an email report, not an attachment. Milog also has a free version for trial, which limits your recording to five logs.


TripLog/1040 is a solid mileage and expense tracking app. It is full featured with support expenses, frequent trips, odometer or distance readings, and export via email. The single-screen interface is both a blessing and a curse. While it is nice to not have to search for buried features, however, because everything fits onto a single screen the layout is a bit crowded and the buttons are small, especially when using the spinning wheels for setting the odometer numbers. TripLog/1040 lacks the visual panache of some of the other mileage apps but it functions well and gets the job done.

For Android Users

Mileage Tracker

Top selling app in Finance. Perfect solution for mileage tracking for tax/expense purposes. Most features in this app are included in the famous app Cashbook-Expense Tracker.

TripLog- GPS Mileage Tracker

Most popular GPS mileage tracking app with over 300,000 downloads. Keep track of your vehicle mileage, speed and locations. Syncall trip logs online for backup & report generation. Great GPS tracking solution for individuals and mobile teams. The Android GPS app is free, the optional web-cloud is a paid service (you get a 30-day free trial, no credit card needed). Now tracking mileage & trips for 1000’s of car’s and vehicle fleets worldwide.

aCar-Car Management, Mileage

Log activities, manage and keep track of your vehicles: fill ups, fuel mileage (aka gas mileage or fuel economy), maintenance, services, expenses and trips. You can keep records of your cars, trucks, or even your bikes; and have all of them under control.

Mileage Logbook

This application will help you create an accurate, GPS based driver’s log that you can use to create your own expense reports when using your company or private car for business trips. It allows you to export your logbook containing addresses, pending reimbursement and distance driven using CSV, Excel or HTML files and lets you send them by e-mail directly to your employer’s finance department.

If you have any questions regarding vehicle deductions, please contact our business advisory team, McDonald Jacobs Business Advisory Services